Hawai mooncake
418.000 VND
One mooncake forvegetarian (150gr) with green tea and hawai seeds..
464.000 VND
Bring traidtion for Autumn with a mooncake with green beans, melon seeds and salted egg..
Mix flavor
475.000 VND
One mooncake (150gr) with green beans, pineapple leaf and one salted egg..
1.590.000 VND
A box with four mooncakes which are delicious with inner taste and luxurious by the outside- three H..
1.617.000 VND
4 delicious cookies selected aromatic, priority, average gifts for friends, customers, families- Mix..
1.646.000 VND
Pray for harmony, happiness, and happiness to all families.- Taro filling and lotus seeds- Sausage a..
1.675.000 VND
A box contain all the passion with four mooncakes:- Lotus Seed- Jambon and five seeds- Bacon- Green ..
1.702.000 VND
The combination of four types of mooncakes together to bring to your family a warrn love in Mid-Autu..
1.617.000 đ
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1.646.000 đ
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1.675.000 đ
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1.702.000 đ
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